Reblogging & Image Usage

It’s simple. Please do not reblog my posts and please do not download and use my images on your own sites.

As for reblogging, if you want to have a blog, create your own content. Don’t take the work of others to cobble together your own site. If you feel the need to tell others about my post, do it by sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.

As for images, I make a point of taking my own photos and would appreciate it if you did the same. If you really feel compelled to use one of my images, please ask me for permission BEFORE using the image. Don’t post it on your own site and then ask me if it is okay. It is not.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but these are matters I feel strongly about. I accord other bloggers and Internet users the courtesy I would like to receive. Please return the favor.



  1. now, I think, I understand, so a full tweeted link is acceptable?

  2. Yes, you can share links. I just don’t like the people who take my content, copy it, and repost it elsewhere. Intellectual content and copyright are generally not respected in the Wide World Web. I start each post with “please do not reblog” to make it obvious. It seems to have worked.

  3. So folks copy and paste purporting to be their own work with zero linkage? I call that thieving and those that do it thieves.

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