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Served with a Side of Loud Mouth

June 5, 2011

Posted by Kanga.

restaurant befind a used car lot

Craving an American breakfast, we went to the Waffle House nestled behind a used car lot.

eggs, biscuit, hash browns and two pork chops

Eggs, biscuit, hash browns, and two pork chops. The food was tasty, but the staff were loudly discussing their private lives. Also, they only refilled our coffee cups once, which is a travesty. Coffee should be cheap and bottomless. So, the experience turned out to be as classy as the used car lot setting.

Since sitting there a spell, drinking coffee and reading our books peaceably wasn’t an option, we went in search of a better place to do that. We ended up at Books A Million bookstore which is close to our hotel and has a little coffee shop.

So, this librarian is spending her vacation browsing for books that might be of interest to her future students. No surprise there.