Water Overhead

June 14, 2013

Posted by Kanga.

small water heater installed in ceiling space

We are having water heater fun this week. Even though this is a new building and this water heater is only about 2 years old, it decided to spring a leak. This is extra fun, because water heaters are installed in ceiling spaces. Each bathroom and the kitchen have a small water heater rather than having one large one for the whole apartment. I don’t know how widespread this practice is in the world, but in the States houses and apartments usually have one large water heater installed in a closet or garage area. It wouldn’t occur to Americans to put something like this in the ceiling area. Just last month a 5 year old girl in Ajman was killed by a falling water heater. Placing a heavy water filled tank over your head just doesn’t seem smart.

So, the bathroom is off limits until we can find a maintenance request form and get the ball rolling toward some repairs or replacement. I suspect this will take a while. Good thing we have more than one bathroom.


One comment

  1. we are in france, ours was the same, just fell out, brand new, thankfully no one was killed!

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